Tattoo Program


The MCHD Nursing Division provides guidelines and directions per Madison County Ordinance for artists and establishment owner/managers wishing to obtain operating permits, as well as provides inspections and education for qualifications.

Tattoo Fees

Establishment: $500.00

Artist: $100.00

Background check (one time only): $100.00


Tattoo Ordinance

Ordinance No. 2008-BC-O-07, Ordinance Amending 2002-BC-O-05, Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishment Ordinance was presented to the Board of Commissioners with several changes. Commissioner Paul Wilson read the following amendments into the minutes:

ORDINANCE 2008-BC-0 -07




WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners of Madison County, Indiana did, heretofore on the 4th day of June, 2002, approve an Ordinance entitled Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments Ordinance; WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioner of Madison County, Indiana, did, heretofore the 21st day of December 2004, approved an Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2002-BC-0-05; and, WHEREAS the Board of Commissioners of Madison County, Indiana, hereby desire to further amend Ordinance 2002-BC-0-05. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS THAT ORDINANCE NO. 2002-BC-0-05, AS AMENDED, BE FURTHER AMENDED BY THE ADDITION OR MODIFICATION OF THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGE:

Section 3. License and permit required.

LICENSE AND PERMIT APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:(A) License Application Requirements. A person shall apply for a tattoo and/or body piercing establishment license with the Madison

County Health Department on forms prescribed by the Department. Applicants for establishments shall retain forms until all are completed and will submit all completed forms at one time to the Health Department. No individual forms shall be accepted. These forms shall include: 1) Establishment Application; 2) Proof of Universal Precautions Training; 3) Criminal Background Check Consent Form; and 4) Zoning Statement, which is required only for new businesses or for change of location of established businesses. Zoning Statements are not required for renewals. The application shall contain, in addition to other information required by the Department, the following information: 6) The applicant’s consent to the Madison County Board of Health for acquiring the applicant’s Criminal Background Report. (E) No applicant for a license or permit under this rule shall be issued such license or permit if the applicant:

1) Has been convicted of a felony in the past five (5) years prior to application or is presently serving probation resulting from a felony conviction.

2) Has been convicted of a crime in the past ten (10) years that classifies the applicant as a “serious violent felon” as defined by I.C. §35-47-4-5, as amended or replaced.

3) Has ever been convicted of a crime which required applicant’s registration on a Sex or Violent Offender Registry pursuant to I.C. §11-8-8-1 et seq., as amended or replaced.

4) Has been convicted of more than one (1) felony.


(C) For every new artist permit issued, there will be an additional background check fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). Section 15. Reusable Equipment

(B) Records must be maintained to document the following:

1) Duration of sterilization technique;

2) Determination of effective sterility such as the use

of biological indicator is performed within seven (7) days prior to use or as required by the Indiana Administrative


Section 21. Minors

No minor shall receive a tattoo or body piercing without the presence of a parent or guardian and written permission from both parents or guardians, if not deceased. Parents of a minor must provide two (2) pieces of picture identification to prove parentage. Guardians must provide, in addition to the two (2) pieces of picture identification, documentation establishing their guardianship

responsibility of the minor.

PASSED AND ENACTED by the Board of Commissioners of Madison County,

Indiana, this ____ day of April, 2008.